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Hoogland Health Hydro Erasmia

Whether you need to experience complete rest and relaxation, improve fitness, focus on weight management, and/or just need some decadent pampering, we are at your service. With the benefit of varied hydro therapies, an adjustable diet programme, exercise, health lectures, and a whole range of professional body and face therapies, you will be mentally, emotionally and physically recharged.

Our Mission

Enabling people to achieve the highest quality of life possible through evidence based programs designed to optimize energy levels by equipping our guests with the tools necessary to manage stress, maintain a strong, healthy body and instilling a positive attitude.


Established in 1977 Hoogland was and is still a local pioneer in the field of health and wellness. Hoogland was owned and later managed by the Kruger family. The approach adopted was based on those of European Hydros of the time. The “patients”, as the guests were then known, followed a strict regime of exercise, therapy and diet. Over the years the approach to wellness has changed in order to more effectively address the ailments associated with a modern lifestyle.


Hoogland Health Hydro is situated on a private 400Ha game reserve. Eland, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest and zebra are regularly spotted, often mere meters from hikers on the twice daily nature walks. The Hoogland reserve is also home to red jackal, caracal, rock hyrax, baboons, steenbok, vervet monkeys, the yellow mongoose, the scrub hare and 171 species of birds. The reserve is exclusively for the enjoyment of Hydro residents. Animals are relatively tame since no hunting or recreational motorised sports are allowed on the property.

What to expect

Every guest's program can be individualised to suit the purpose of their visit, whether it be a quiet escape for rest and relaxation or a focused wellness / fitness program.

Reservations Procedure

Reservations and all subsequent correspondence can be via e-mail or phone. When making a reservation, a few basic questions will give us a general idea of your needs and expectations, appointments will be booked accordingly.

Shuttle Service:
Our Complimentary Shuttle Service leaves from the Centurion Gautrain station every Friday and Sunday. We will leave Hoogland every Friday and Sunday at 12:45 to drop guests off, and pick guest up between 13:30 and 13:45. Please confirm at the time of booking that you would like to make use of the service.

What to bring

Bathing suits, at least two are recommended since you will make use of hydro(water) therapies regularly. A towling gown. Hiking shoes if you wish to join the nature walks. Comfortable clothes that allow for free range of movement, especially if you wish to join the Pilates or Tai Chi.


After check in one of our hosts will take you on an orientation tour of the building and provide basic information with regards to facilities and activities.Your first appointment will be with a professional consultant for an assessment and discussion regarding your program and diet.

During your stay

Rest and Relaxation
If the purpose of your visit is simply to escape in order to relax and unwind you will be given the space and freedom to do just that. With less than half the building dedicated to accommodation and extensive gardens Hoogland never feels crowded even when fully booked.

Health and Wellness
For more focused programs a consultation will be booked daily in order to monitor your progress and provide support and motivation.

In General
We believe that every person that visits Hoogland should use the experience to restore balance to their body and mind. For this reason facilities such as the jet pool, jacuzzi's, the theatre, library and fresh buffet are open 24 hours a day, activities are all optional and therapies are as flexible as the schedule will allow. By learning to listen to your body and correctly interpreting the sensations that your experience you will be able identify your needs for sleep,exercise, intellectual stimulation, recreation, spirituality and nutrition.

For assessment and daily monitoring you will be in the capable hands of Dr Andre Kruger (Medical Doctor and Director of Hoogland), Vuyo Mellet (Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Tai Chi Instructor, Holistic and Sports Massage Therapist),

Hydro Facilities
Guests have unlimited use of all hydro therapies. The jet pool and Jacuzzi's are open 24 hours, all other facilities are available between 07h00 and 21h00 when supervision is available. Hydro therapies currently include: a swimming pool, water jet pool, cold pool, two outdoor Jacuzzis, one indoor Jacuzzi, two saunas, two steam rooms, six steam cabinets and six baths.

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